Microsoft has recently unveiled a blueprint for Artificial Intelligence (AI) governance in India. The company has released a white paper outlining its proposals for a regulatory framework to ensure the security and responsible use of AI technology. The framework includes guidelines for security protocols, licensing arrangements, and security monitoring. OneContinue Reading

The Punjab Vigilance Bureau has stepped up its investigation into the Pearl Group fraud cases, and the latest development is the arrest of Chartered Accountant (CA) Jaswinder Singh Dang from Ludhiana. The Special Investigation Team of the Bureau arrested Dang for allegedly forging documents related to the Pearl Agrotech CorporationContinue Reading

Here’s my suggestion for improving the text: On July 4th, America celebrated its 247th anniversary of independence, marking the day in 1776 when the country gained independence from the British Empire. The first Independence Day was celebrated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where the festivities included the firing of 13 gunshots andContinue Reading