$33.68 billion monthly exports should be achieved to achieve the target

To achieve the record $400 billion commodity export mission in the current financial year, monthly exports of $33.68 billion will be required for the next eight months. In the first four months of the current financial year, an average of 32.64 billion dollars was exported per month. China accounts for the largest share of exports of goods globally.

Exports have not increased even by $100 billion in the last ten years. In the year 2010-11, the export of goods was $246 billion which reached the level of $330 billion in the financial year 2018-19.

For the first time in the year 2011-12, the export of goods had crossed the level of 300 billion dollars, and then the Ministry of Commerce and Industry also gave a roadmap to take this export to 500 billion dollars by the year 2020, but could not get any success in that direction.

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