Herd of deer crashing into a pub, see what happened next in viral video

A shocking video of a herd of deer is going viral on social media, which has been captured on a CCTV camera. In this video shared on Instagram, it can be seen that a herd of deer comes running and some of them collide directly with the door of the bar in a very forceful way and some fall after hitting the wall. A deer from the herd of deer is tethered to the glass outside the bar and breaks the glass and enters inside the bar. 

This video going viral has been shared on ‘viralhog’ Instagram account, which has got 32,815 views so far. NetGenes is giving its different reactions to this video. One user commented and wrote “some of them already had too much to drink at the after-party while another user wrote, “deer that went through the glass he was like have you been with my wife he straight up needed a drink but seriously hope the little guys OK.”

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