A man landed inside the frozen pool and forgot his way out, see what happened after that in this viral video

We often get to see many surprising videos on social media, seeing that we often wonder what will happen next in this video. Some people keep posting videos of their stunts and we wish them to be safe. One such shocking video is becoming crazy viral on social media, in which a man gets down in a pool frozen with ice and forgets the way to come out.

It can be seen in this video that some people make two paths in the frozen pool, in which one has to swim from one place to get out of the other way. As soon as a person takes off inside the pool and starts swimming towards the other path, then he forgets the way out and starts wandering here and there in the pool. His companions standing over the frozen pool try to break the ice for him so that he can get out quickly but they fail to do so. After this, after a long time the man finds a rope in the water and he comes out of the water with its help. The video has been shared on Instagram channel called beautifffulearth and the caption of the video reads “Watch till the end Don’t try this on your own. The actions in this video are performed by a professional. Do not attempt !”.

A man landed inside the frozen pool and forgot his way out

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