Actor Gurmeet believes that one should not forget one’s culture

There are many stars in Hindi cinema who celebrate Chhath, the festival of faith, with full devotion. Actor Gurmeet Choudhary hails from Jairampur village in Bhagalpur district of Bihar. A few days back he had also gone to his village. In a conversation, Gurmeet says, ‘No matter how far you progress in your career or life, but you should not forget your roots. When I go back to the village from which I have come, I remember that I am from here. It is my job to respect the culture there and take it forward so that when the children of my village see me, they learn this. There is a great need for inspiration in this field. I get this inspiration from living close to my culture.

Chhath Puja is very special for me. It has been many years since Chhath Puja was celebrated in my village. My father has been in the army. His postings kept happening at different places. Wherever I have been, the festival of Chhath Puja has been celebrated. In my childhood, it was only in my mind that I have to get up in the morning and get ready. I used to get ready wearing new clothes. I used to love it when the ladies of the house used to apply vermilion from nose to forehead. Right now I live in Mumbai and definitely go to Juhu beach on Chhath. I pay tribute there. I feel proud to see that so many people reach the seashore and celebrate this festival. Through this puja, people get to know about the culture of Bihar.

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