Viral images of squirrel and bird clicking each other photos

Photos of a squirrel and a bird are going viral on social media, which are very cute. Due to the advent of smartphones, people like to take selfies. Many people also like to take photos with the camera. But have you seen a bird or a squirrel taking photos? Today we have some such photos for you in which a squirrel is seen clicking the photo of a bird standing in front of the camera and after that, the bird is also seen clicking the photo of the same squirrel.

These photos going viral on social media have been shared by Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda on his Twitter account and share photos “These photos of squirrels and birds shooting photos of each other is a delight to watch Vadim Trunov ” Susanta Nanda always keeps doing new videos and photos on his Twitter handle which are fiercely viral. The netizens are loving these pictures of squirrel and bird and are giving their different reactions. These photos have been liked by more than 4K users so far.

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