Along with Diamond, now Surat started exporting Management Services to the world

Mumbai | Surat, which is famous all over the world as Diamond City, is now making a mark in a different sector. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) startups are booming here. According to market intelligence firm Traxon, Surat has over 2,530 startups. Of these, 164 are SaaS companies. His clients are spread from Gujarat to Chennai, UK and America. They are providing financial management, export-import management and cloud based solutions to their clients.

SaaS are cloud-based software applications that users access through the Internet. It is noteworthy that 90% of the world’s diamonds come to Surat for cutting and polishing. Apart from this, this city is also famous all over the world for the textile industry and cheap clothes. However, Dhivize, Trejix, Easy, VideoSDK and Wishbook are the top SaaS startups in Surat. According to Traxon, they have received funding of Rs 108 crore so far. Dhiwise has secured funding of around 83 crores from investors.

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