Man plays Guitar in front of Fox, watch the fox reaction in viral video

Often we get to see viral videos of the beautiful bonding of humans and animals on social media, which are very cute and seeing them brings a smile to our face. A similar video is going viral on social media in which a man is playing guitar in front of a fox. It can be seen in this video that a man is standing in the snow with a guitar in his hand and only then a fox come in front of the man and after seeing the fox, he starts playing the guitar in front of it. As soon as the man starts singing with the guitar, the fox stops there for a while and listens to the guitar playing comfortably.

After staying there for a while, the fox hides behind the bushes and sits comfortably listening to the guitar. In the caption accompanying the video, she wrote, “Beautiful morning with Foxy! And I had to tell him my new song. Barry started bothering so I edited it together. Pointing the camera right and at the same time.” It ain’t easy holding the baby in, but @ceceliamayusetoomanywords is a pro!” This video has been shared on Instagram and so far more than 2K users have liked this video and more than 20,000 users have seen this video.

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