Arshad Warsi will learn farming in Punjab for Banda Singh

The actors go through different processes to get into the background and character of their film. Some actors do workshops, while some try to understand the character by staying in the same environment. Actor Arshad Warsi is all set to imbibe his lifestyle by staying with the farmers to prepare for his upcoming film Banda Singh. Arshad plays a farmer from Punjab in this film directed by Abhishek Saxena. Set in the eighties of the last century, the film stars Arshad along with actress Meher Vij in the lead role.

Arshad said I will start shooting for Banda Singh soon. I really liked the script. I find the workshop a waste of time. I have never played a farmer before. This is a new world for me. My look is completely rustic in this. For this, I have grown my beard and am trying to grow hair too. I want to be with the farmers for its preparation. I want to see and learn how they do farming, how they tie the cows and how they plow the fields. I am a boy who grew up in the city. I want to change my lifestyle by going to the villages for this film.

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