Asha Negi came to become an actress with this condition

The path to becoming an artist often comes with the struggles and difficulties of this field as well as the challenges of persuading the family. The film Ludo and web series Abhay actress Asha Negi’s path was also similar.

In a conversation about her challenges, Asha says, I wanted to do something by staying in Uttarakhand. One day while returning from college, I came home with the form of Miss Uttarakhand. My family members at first took it lightly that there was a new spirit, it would soon subside, but I took part in the competition and became Miss Uttarakhand. Then there was talk of coming to Mumbai to become an actor, initially, my family members were not agreeing. After this, I easily persuaded some people of the house and for some people, I had to go on hunger strike. After being hungry for two days, all the family members agreed to send me to Mumbai. I had put a condition in front of my family that if nothing happens in three-four months, I will come back home, but luckily I got a cameo role in a TV serial within the first month itself. When my family members saw me on TV for the first time, they were a little relieved. After this, when I got more work, my family’s faith in me increased. Asha has recently appeared in the role of a police officer in the web series Caller Bomb released on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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