AstraZeneca and Pfizer Single Dose Up to 60% Effective

AstraZeneca and Pfizer, a single dose of the vaccine protect against the coronavirus by up to 60 percent. Published in the prestigious medical journal Lascent, this study has been done on people above 65 years of age. This study was started on 8 December 2020, when the vaccine started. After that, the data till 15 March 2021 was collected.

The study included 10142 people who were above 65 years of age. The study found that taking single doses of AstraZeneca and Pfizer reduced the risk of virus infection by 56 percent between 28 and 34 days after vaccination, and 65 percent between 35 and 48 days. The effect of a single dose of the vaccine was seen between four weeks to seven weeks. The study predates the arrival of the Delta variant in the UK. Researchers have said that studies are going on after the second dose.

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