Viral video of Australian Golden tailed Gecko which can spray this sticky fluid to protect itself

Social media is such a platform where we get to see many great videos, and we are surprised to see some videos because we get to see such videos for the first time. Today, we have brought a video for you that you probably have never seen before. This video is a species of lizards in the family of Diplodactylidae of an Australian Golden Tailed Gecko. The gecko is mainly found in Australia and has three subspecies. The Strophurus genus has two general groups separated by their natural habitats.

This video, which goes viral on social media, was shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Services Officer Susanta Nanda and captioned the video as “Australian Golden Tailed Gecko.This is its defense system, which can spray this sticky fluid to about a meter. Wonders of Nature.” According to this video, the Australian Golden-tailed Gecko, to protect itself, releases sticky fluid from any part of its body, which reaches up to 1 meter. This video has been viewed by more than 24k users so far, and more than 1.6k users have liked it. Netizens are giving their different reactions after watching this video. One user wrote, “This reptile can bite occasionally, but the golden-tailed gecko even when they bite is not poisonous. They just squirt a smelly liquid from their tails to fend off predators when in danger.” While away user wrote, “Amazing nature … never heard of this earlier! Thank you.”

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