Bankers should give benefits to the beneficiaries without delay

Bankers should not delay in giving the benefit of the scheme to the eligible beneficiaries. The benefits of government schemes should be given to the people within the stipulated time period. Any kind of assistance from banks through various schemes will be given to the citizens in a timely manner. These instructions were given by Deputy Commissioner Mahavir Kaushik while presiding over the meeting of DLRC and DDC in the meeting room of the Mini Secretariat. Deputy Commissioner Mahaveer Kaushik also directed in relation to bank branches that they should ensure that women members of self-help groups are given loans from the bank. The Deputy Commissioner also directed the bankers to take steps to bring the benefits of the schemes to the common man.

Accordingly, it should be ensured that the benefits of these schemes are given to the deserving characters. While reviewing the various schemes of all banks, national targets of banks, schemes sponsored by the Government of India and the Haryana Government, he expressed concern over the non-achievement of targets to benefit the beneficiaries. He instructed that the beneficiaries should get the benefits of the schemes as soon as possible and the targets set should be completed within the period.

While giving instructions to all the bankers, the Deputy Commissioner said that under various schemes sponsored by the Central and State Governments, loans and financial assistance are given from banks to eligible persons and families.

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