BGMI: 3 rarest gun skins owned by selected players

Battlegrounds Mobile India offers a lot of weapons to its players which have assault rifles to sniper rifles which make the game quite interesting and players can use these rifles to beat their opponents in the game and win chicken dinner. The developers of BGMI have also launched many sari skins of weapons in the game. Some of these skins are simple but there are a lot of saree skins with advanced features which are available only with limited players. Today in this article we will share about those 3 skins which are available only with the selected players.

3 rarest gun skins in BGMI owned by selected players

a) AKM Wood and Gold Skin

AKM Wood and Gold Gun Skin

AKM’s Wood and Gold weapon skin is a rare gun skin that is only available with select players. This skin was available at the beginning of the season and after that the skin was rarely seen in crates and lucky spins.

b) Golden M416 Skin

Golden M416 Gun Skin

The Golden M416 skin of the M416 rifle is also a skin that is seen with very few players. The look of this skin is very tremendous and its golden color attracts the players a lot. For your information, let us tell you that this golden weapon is available in the crates section of the golden crate and players can also purchase this golden skin using the in-game currency UC.

c) M416 Glacier Skin

M416 Glacier Gun Skin

M416 Glacier skin is the most loved skin of BGMI players. Players can unlock this upgradable cosmetic from classic crates.

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