BGMI: Best 3 locations in Vikendi to get more loot

BGMI has relaunched players’ most favorite map in the Vikendi game and players can now enjoy this map in Battlegrounds. BGMI Developers has also decided to launch 8 new modes in the game along with Vikendi Map which will be available in the game very soon. Every player playing BGMI wants to get maximum loot in the game, so there are many drop locations in the Vikendi map where players get great loot and with this players can also take advantage of the zone. Today we are going to write this article I will tell you about such top 3 locations, you will get a lot of loot.

3 best locations in Vikendi to get more loot

  • Castle

Castle is one of the best drop locations for loot in the Vikendi map because it has three bridges to get to the location and the player’s can easily defeat the enemy by using all three bridges available in Castle to get the enemy out of this location.

  • Dino Park

Dino Park is also one of the best locations to get a lot of loot on the Vikendi map because Dino Park holds enough loot for a squad in its nearby compounds and players can defeat their opponents very easily.

  • Cosmodrome

The Cosmodrome location also has a lot of loot available for the players and tactical spots to hold in this location so that you can defeat your enemy quite easily. Players can also go into the secret tunnels in the Cosmodrome in Vikendi Map to increase the chances of their survival rate

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