BGMI Hackers Alert, New system started to ban device ID of the players using hacks

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is going to launch a new anti-cheat system and according to this new anti-cheating system, if a user uses the hack or cheat in the game, then that player’s ID will be permanently banned and the banned ID will never use it to play. BGMI’s new anti-cheat system will detect the player’s suspicious behavior or cheating.


The latest new anti-cheat system is soon going to launch in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Now, if players get detected of any suspicious behavior or cheating by any player of the game then their device will be banned permanently from playing BGMI. This means players will never be able to Play BGMI on their Android or iOS devices. If a player uses a third party application to purchase a premium item in the game, then doing so is also against the policy of the game and by doing so the new anti-cheating system will detect the player’s ID and ban it permanently.

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