BGMI: Imporant notice regarding changes in Crate Coupons

PUBG Mobile developers have shared an important notice regarding Crate coupons on their social media handles and players can check the details about these changes by visiting the official website of BGMI in the “News” section. BGMI has made changes in the prices of crate coupons in the new notice and these new prices will be effective from 19th November, 2021.

BGMI has reduced the price of Premium Crate Coupon from 120 UC to 60 UC and the price of Classic Crate Coupon has also been reduced from 120 UC to 60 UC. Players who wish to exchange their old crate coupons can exchange them with new ones after the update on November 19th, 2021. Battlegrounds Mobile India developers are going to release the 1.7 update very soon, for which the players are eagerly waiting for the official release date.

The following changes have been made on BGMI Crate Coupons

1) Changes in Price

2) Hangs in scraps needed for combining

3) Exchange ratio between old/new crate coupons

4) New Icons

Changes in Crate Coupons

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