BGMI: List of sensitivity codes of BGMI Pro Players

Battlegrounds Mobile India already launched in India and players are enjoying this new battle royale game very much. All the features in BGMI have been launched by PUBG Mobile and even the developers have been released the new update of the game with PUBG Mobile. The only difference between PUBG Mobile and BGMI is that PUBG Mobile is being played globally but Battlegrounds Mobile India has been launched only for Indian players. New modes are also being released in the game along with very awesome features in BGMI and recently BGMI developers have launched the Sensitivity code feature in the game, using which players can use the sensitivity settings of their favorite pro players in their game. 

In BGMI, many such players want to play the game like top pro players like Jonathan, Mavi, Mortal, and others and search the sensitivity settings of these players on the internet. Today in this article we are going to tell about the sensitivity code of top players of Battlegrounds Mobile India, using which you can make your game more interesting.

List of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Pro Players Sensitivity Codes

We are providing the Sensitivity Codes of BGMI Pro Players Jonathan, Scout, Mortal and we will provide you with more Pro players sensitivity codes very soon so that you can apply the sensitivity settings of these players in your game.

  • Jonathan – 6893-4240-2977-3338-186
  • Scout – 6974-6421-0793-9028-995
  • Mortal – 6974-6239-1907-3395-483

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