BGMI shared Nicknames of 142,766 cheaters banned from Dec 6 to Dec 12

Battlegrounds Mobile India has published a new anti-cheat notice on the official website and according to this notice, 142,766 accounts have been banned permanently. BGMI has banned all these accounts because the owners of these accounts have used hacks and have not followed the policy of the game.

BGMI has banned 142,766 accounts in its report between December 6 and December 12 and has also shared the list of these banned 142,766 accounts in the news section of the official website. Ever since the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India, hackers became very active and were spoiling the environment of the game. Looking at the complaints of the players, the developers started reining in the hackers in the game and till now more than 2 million accounts have been banned permanently. Players can check the list of these banned 142,766 accounts by clicking on the link given below.

BGMI Anti-Cheating Report from December 6 to December 12 – Click here to download the list of hackers banned this week

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