BGMI shares measures against illegal programs

BGMI has recently shared an update on illegal programs on social media accounts as hackers have become very active in the game since the game’s release and continue to sabotage the game environment. Popular streams and influencers of BGMI expressed their displeasure over the rise of hackers in the game and requested BGMI officials to take action against them. Because of the complaints regarding hackers from all popular streams, BGMI has posted a letter in the news section of their official website and on social media handles, which has explained the actions to be taken against the hackers.

BGMI Developers Crafts publishes new anti-cheat notices every week and the last report was published between September 17th to September 23rd, 2021, and 136,955 accounts were banned permanently. BGMI has published a total of 8 anti-cheat notices so far and according to all these reports, a total of 1.5 million accounts have been banned due to cheats.

List of activities can be players as per the new update shared by BGMI

1) If players are using cheats, their accounts will be banned permanently. 

2) If players are promoting cheats to push the rank, they will be banned.

3) If players are using videos, promotional videos/images on other websites then their account will be suspended permanently. 

4) If you have cheated before and they not using cheats now can be banned permanently.

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