Big B asked Musk to return his money

Hindi cinema megastar Amitabh Bachchan has been vocal ever since the removal of blue ticks from verified accounts of micro-blogging site Twitter. Earlier he had tweeted after the removal of the blue tick. Now he has tweeted asking for the refund of the money paid for Blue Tick.

In fact, Amitabh was among the leading celebrities to pay for Twitter after it removed the blue tick. Now Twitter has announced to give free Blue Tick to people with more than 10 lakh followers. Asking for his money back, Big B cheekily tweeted in Awadhi, ‘Arre maare gaye Gulfam, biraj mein maare gaye Gulfam A. Twitter Aunty, Aunty, Sister, Tai, Bua etc are your names. Paid money for us, for the sake of Neel Kamal, now you say that if you have one million followers, you will get Neel Kamal for free. We have 48.4 million, now? Game over, money digested? Some users shared a meme related to an advertisement made by BIG and wrote that see the result of your medicine.

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