Viral video of a boy taking a Canopy Tour in Costa Rica crashes into sloth

Costa Rica is the country of Central America which is considered famous for Canopy Tour and tourists often visit there to do zip lining. A video of a child is going viral on social media in which he is taking a Canopy Tour but on the way there is an incident with him which will bring a smile on your face. The boy was zip-lining at the Go Adventure Arenal Park in La Fortuna, Costa Rica when the incident happened. The video begins with a thrill-seeking child zooming along the zip line while the guide recording the footage on his GoPro cheers him off-screen. As soon as the boy covers half the distance of the zip lining, the sloth climbing on the zip lining collides hard with him, and the boy starts smiling.

This video has been shared on Twitter, and the caption of the video reads, “Things that happen when you take a Canopy Tour in Costa Rica.” Till the writing of this post, this video has been viewed by 579k users and more than 6k users have liked this video. Netizens are giving their different reactions on this video. One user wrote, “As surpricing as our gas prices!!!” Whereas another user wrote “Now you can tell your’re the only one in the World to have crashed with a sloth.”

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