A brave cat stole the fish in front of crocodile, video goes viral

We often get to see many viral videos of animals on social media and today, we have brought a video of a cat’s bravery, which will surprise you. This video is of a zoo that has been shared on Instagram, in which a cat steals the fish from the crocodile. At the beginning of this video, it can be seen that a crocodile is coming out of the pond and resting pharma, and a dead fish is lying in front of the crocodile. As soon as the cat standing nearby sees the fish, it comes and stands near the crocodile to eat it and is looking for the right opportunity to pick up the fish. After waiting for a while, the cat manages to pick up the fish from the crocodile and takes it out from there.

This viral video has been shared on Instagram by an account named nature27_12. After watching this video, netizens are praising the cat’s bravery because the crocodile is such a dangerous animal that it is almost impossible for any animal to escape from its clutches. So far, more than four thousand users have seen this video and are also giving their feedback by commenting. One user wrote, ‘Really the cat has taken advantage of the opportunity in a very wonderful way.’ While another user wrote that if the crocodile had woken up, it would probably have been the last day of the cat.

Brave cat stole the fish in front of crocodile

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