The best boon a mother can give her baby is in the form of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding Week is celebrated every year on this occasion by the World Health Organization. Around the World of the Week this Year The theme of the celebration is: Protect Breastfeeding. Under this, an attempt isContinue Reading

Bhavani Devi, the first Indian woman swordsman to compete in the Olympics, may have come to an end, but she has shown a strong commitment to return at the next Olympics (2024). Instead of being disheartened by her defeat, Bhavani’s determination reflects her self-restraint and confidence. They don’t care whatContinue Reading

Aditi, who was awarded the prestigious ‘The Diana Award’ in the month of June, has been doing social service since the age of 19. In his college, he did projects related to Menstrual Awareness. He also worked on the issue of sex workers. Looking at the experiences of the peopleContinue Reading

Chaturmas, which starts from July 20, is called the sandhi period of the seasons. Due to humidity and humidity in this season, bacteria flourish more and our ability to fight diseases is also affected. Therefore, special attention should be paid to diet and routine. Because of the fear of theContinue Reading