Chhath is not possible at my house: Akhilendra Mishra

Actor Akhilendra Mishra may be in Mumbai on Chhath Puja, but every year he feels the faith of this festival. Akhilendra told Chhath is not possible at my house, because the mother is no more. Chhath Puja is close to my heart. I was the youngest in the house, so I used to help my mother with the work of worship. The compassion of Chhathi Maiya is such that every woman remains so energetic.

The view of the ghat at Brahma Bela was amazing. A great example of discipline is Chhath Puja. Be it the new generation or the old generation, the women who are doing this festival with full faith, it is a part of discipline. There was an eagerness to eat thekua (a type of offering made from the ingredients of flour and jaggery). When everyone was over, he used to take out his thekua and eat it. That prasad is still awaited on Chhath Puja.

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