Cleanliness will save from every infection of fever

If one is careful in the matter of food and hygiene, then the chances of getting infected with any infection are reduced to a great extent. Corona infection is still going on in some states of India and many diseases have set foot in this season, in which diseases are caused by mosquitoes, viruses, and bacteria, etc. These days there are many cases of dengue, malaria, viral fever, and diarrhea. There have also been cases of fever in some places, in which after suffering from fever, due to negligence, lives have also been lost. Nothing is clear about this fever virus, called unknown fever, and doctors are considering it as viral fever. Therefore, if you are suffering from fever, then do not delay the treatment.

Mosquitoes increased danger: At this time the risk of diseases caused by mosquitoes has increased a lot. People with Malaria, Dengue, and Chikungunya are getting infected, due to which the condition of the infected is deteriorating within three to four days. Mosquitoes multiply rapidly in the rainy season due to lack of cleanliness, whose bites cause diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya. At this time, those patients are getting more trouble in the infection of fever, who are delaying treatment and investigations somewhere. Apart from this, people are also suffering from diarrhea due to a lack of cleanliness. If the spread of infection is not prevented, then diarrhea and viral fever can also infect other members of the household. To avoid mosquito-borne infections, indoor and outdoor hygiene is essential.

Do not delay the treatment: If the fever is not controlled within three days after the start of the medicines, then get the investigation done immediately after taking the advice of the doctor. This will make it clear what type of fever you are suffering from. This season the spread of these diseases is at its peak. Therefore, avoid taking treatment on your own, so that the infection can be controlled in time.

Do not let the infection spread in the house: If someone in the house is infected with fever or diarrhea, then along with its cleanliness, other people in the house should also be aware of cleanliness, so that the infection does not catch other people. Keep the clothes, towels, bedding, etc. of the infected person separate. Take special care of the health of children and the elderly.

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