Crocodile enters water for the prey but something happened wrong, watch the viral video

Social media is full of innumerable videos of animals, and some of them we like very much, and after watching some videos, we get surprised. Today we have brought such a crocodile video for you, which you will be surprised to see. In this video, a giant crocodile was out of the water when suddenly it saw some movement of an animal and got down in the water to hunt it as soon as the giant crocodile landed in the water to hunt what happened after that was surprising for it.

The huge crocodile landed in the water to hunt; another crocodile in front of it had come to the shore to hunt due to some movement in the water. Both the crocodiles attack each other for a few seconds and then disappear in the water. Netizens like this video and give their different reactions after watching it.

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