American Star Daniel Henney aspires to come to India

American actor Daniel Henney has appeared in the role of warrior Lan Mandragoran in the recently released web series The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime Video. The series is based on fantasy novels of the same name by American author Robert Jordan. In a special conversation, Daniel says about the preparation of this character, the art of fencing was new to me in this. Learned to use the special sword that my character has. Apart from that learned archery, martial arts, etc. Master Roman, who taught us fencing, lived on the set. He looks like a 1980s Heisman. If we did a little wrong, then he used to tell us how to do it. Fencing has been very interesting for me. Apart from that, he became very comfortable in horse riding.

Regarding coming to India, Daniel says, when I was modeling and was in Singapore, I was going to come there with friends, but could not go due to some reasons. However, I want to come to India. I like Indian culture very much. I hope to get a chance to come there soon. Daniel is also a fan of Indian food. He says that whenever I go to an Indian restaurant, I definitely eat chicken, naan. Regarding the presence of Asian artists in Hollywood, Daniels says that a lot has changed since I started.

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