David Price of England and Tony Thompson weight, schedule

Boxing match between David Price of England and Tony Thompson of the USA was scheduled to take place in Liverpool. Prior to the fight, a weigh-in was conducted to ensure that both fighters met the weight requirements for their respective weight class.

In boxing, weigh-ins are typically conducted prior to a fight to ensure that both fighters are within their respective weight classes. This is to ensure that the fight is fair and that neither fighter has an unfair advantage due to their weight. Fighters who do not meet the weight requirements may be disqualified from the fight or may be required to forfeit a portion of their purse.

David Price and Tony Thompson are both experienced boxers who have competed at the highest levels of the sport. Price is a former British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion, while Thompson is a former two-time world title challenger. The fight between Price and Thompson was likely to be a highly-anticipated matchup, with both fighters looking to prove themselves in the ring.

In conclusion, the weigh-in before the fight between David Price of England and Tony Thompson of the USA was an important step in ensuring that the fight was fair and competitive. Both fighters are experienced boxers who were likely to put on an exciting and highly-anticipated matchup for boxing fans.

Thompson – 118.8 kg/262 lb, Price – 112 kg/247 lb.

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