Pratik Gandhi: Dedh Bigha Zameen is a different kind of film

Sometimes the names of the films can also create confusion. The upcoming films of actor Pratik Gandhi of the web series Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story also include the film Dedh Bigha Zameen. Pratik says that he had an idea somewhere that because of the name of this film, it would be compared to the Bimal Rai-directed film Do Bigha Zameen released in 1953.

Pratik says, when the title of this film was being finalized, it was in the mind of Hansal Mehta sir and the rest of the film team that people would compare our film with Do Bigha Zameen. But we did not take this pressure because the story of this film is very different from that film. The way we want to tell this story is also very different. Until people see our film, they will have curiosity about it and there is fun in it too. Regarding different types of films, Pratik says, ‘While making films, no one thinks that this film will be a commercial hit or not. I honestly just have to create my character so that the emotions reach the audience.

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