Deepika and Shah Rukh will leave for Spain for Pathan

The slowing pace of Corona has now raised the spirits of the filmmakers. Theaters in Maharashtra are all set to buzz from 22nd October. Meanwhile, filmmakers have increased the pace of their slow-shooting films. According to reports, Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan will be flying abroad on October 7 for their first international schedule to shoot a song for their film Pathan. The shooting of Pathan was going on in Mumbai for the last few months. A major part of the film has been shot.

Now that the world is open for shooting, Aditya Chopra has permitted the crew to shoot the spy thriller film at an international location. The team of the film will leave for the island of Mayorca, Spain. From there the film will be shot in many historical places in Spain. Siddharth Anand is directing the film. Siddharth and Aditya are trying to film Pathan’s love song at a location that no one has seen in films.

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