Delta variant is dangerous, persistent Changing nature: WHO

World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned that the corona epidemic in the world is at a very dangerous time. Dangerous variants like the delta of the corona are constantly changing forms along with becoming more infectious. He said that in countries where there is less vaccine, the number of patients in hospitals has started increasing again.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Tedros said, ‘Variants like Delta are more contagious and are rapidly dominating in many countries. We are in a very dangerous phase of the pandemic. So far no country is out of danger. The delta variant is dangerous and it is changing more with time. There is a need to keep a constant watch on this.

Repeat preventive measures: Tedros

Reiterating the preventive measures, the UGC said that it is important to wear masks, follow physical distancing norms, avoid crowded places and adequate ventilation of houses. WHO chief Tedros said that so far the delta variant has been found in 98 countries. This variant was first identified in India.

Emphasis on vaccination:

The Director-General of this UN health agency urged leaders around the world to come together to ensure that 70 percent of every country’s population is vaccinated by next year.

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