#Dhanteras2021: Rohitashv Gaur will also buy chandeliers with gold coins

Buying metal items on Dhanteras is considered auspicious. Along with the common man, TV and cinema celebrities also have a special enthusiasm for buying metal things. Actor Rohitashv Gaur, who plays Manmohan Tiwari in the serial Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain, has special preparations for Dhanteras. He says, on the day of Dhanteras, we endeavor to buy some metal thing in our house as auspicious. Being busy shooting for 12 hours, the responsibility of shopping for Dhanteras falls on my wife Rekha Ji, but after I leave the shooting, I also shop with her.

This time we will buy a broom along with a gold coin and bring it home. Recently an elder told me that if a broom is bought on the day of Dhanterse then it is very auspicious. A few years back I bought a gold ring for my mother on Dhanteras, that is my memorable purchase. Mother’s happiness is the biggest thing. That’s why that ring was very fruitful to me. Due to the non-availability of work during the Corona period, reports of the financial crisis of many artists came to the fore. This era has made us understand the true importance of the accumulation and utilization of wealth.

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