Director wants to make monsoon football 2019 in Hindi

Many such films are being made, which talk about women’s empowerment. The Marathi film Monsoon Football is one of them. Now the film’s producer-director and writer Milind Uke is preparing to make this film in Hindi. Monsoon Football starring Sagarika Ghatge, Vidya Malvade will release soon. Milind is waiting for theaters to open in Maharashtra to release the film. Regarding making this film in Hindi, Milind said that when I thought about the monsoon football film, then I wanted to make it in Hindi, but then due to some problems it could not happen and I made it in Marathi.

Housewives playing football is an example of women’s empowerment in itself. Many times women after marriage forget what their own life is. She devotes all her time to taking care of her house, husband and children. When I saw some women playing football in saree, I was very impressed with them. The film is ready for release. I am waiting for the theater to open. The pair of Sagarika Ghatge and Vidya Malvade is coming together once again after the film Chak De India. As far as making it in Hindi is concerned, necessary changes will be made in the script according to the Hindi audience. We will also take the help of other writers for this.

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