Drug business got a boost in coalition government: Abhay

In this tenure of the BJP and JJP coalition government, drug addiction has got a boost. Illegal liquor business, gambling, and betting have been encouraged in the state. Senior INLD leader and former MLA Abhay Singh Chautala said this while addressing a press conference organized at Kisan Industries in Bhatu Mandi on Tuesday. He said that every section of the state is unhappy due to the wrong and anti-people policies of the present state government. Inflation is increasing continuously under this government. Due to rising inflation, the life of common people has become difficult.

Abhay Said, earlier the drug trade was very little in Haryana state, but during the tenure of the present government, the more illegal drug trade has been encouraged than Punjab. People of JJP are promoting this illegal business more. Due to the increase in intoxication, speculation and gambling should also be encouraged.

If this condition continues, it will become difficult for the poor and common people to live in the state. He said that the procurement system of the present government is also not good.

The full account of the purchased crop has not been done yet. He said that the government is working to earn interest in the farmer’s crop. He said that Chaudhary Devi Lal had implemented many schemes for the benefit of farmers due to which the economic condition of the country had strengthened.

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