Entrapped Movie Inspired by real events

With time, filmmakers keep experimenting differently in cinema. As part of some such experimental steps, film director Sameer Joshi has made the film Entrapped. The film stars actor Adhyayan Suman and actress Sheetal Kale in lead roles. Talking about the film, Sameer said, “Entrapped is a contemporary thriller film. The entire film of this genre has been shot in a small room, box, or any other small place.

Our entire film was shot in the trunk of a car. The story revolves around two youths who jokingly get stuck in the trunk of a car and cannot get out. This story is inspired by a real incident, which I read in the newspaper eight years ago. I have been trying to make this film for the last five years. I met producer Giovanni Karl. She liked the story and agreed to produce the film.

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