Gautam is seen in the role of a police officer in the web series Niqab

It is often said about the film industry full of glamor and dazzle that people here wear masks on their faces, it is difficult to guess the truth from their words. Actor Gautam Rode of serials Saraswatichandra and Suryaputra Karna also had similar experiences. Gautam has appeared in the role of police officer Pawan Bisht in the web series Naqab, released on MX Player on Wednesday. Gautam explains, ‘There are many facets to my character in this show. Before the end of the show, it is not known what his real face is.

For this, it was considered most important to catch the tone. The preparation for the rest of the body language was only 25 percent. Until we examine someone thoroughly, we can never come to know about the face hidden behind his mask. Like a few months back, I had met one or two people from the industry. He made big claims to me by talking big. But when it came to working, no one came to know about it. From the conversation of such people, their true face is not known. Because initially it seemed that this guy would do amazing, but later the reality turned out to be something else.

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