Good digestive habits need to be maintained during the pandemic

The second wave of corona infection was more intense than before, but this time also only those people who had good immunity were safe, and medical scientists also believe that nutritious food is good for immunity. It is very important to have food and proper digestion.

Due to our special and traditional style of food, people of all age groups are troubled by problems related to the digestive system, usually digestion. The root cause of related problems is considered to be physical, but if we look at the mental side, stress is also a big reason for this. Weak digestive system and its associated indigestion, acidity, the problem of gas, sour belching, etc. are present in the lifestyle from the youth to the elderly. While the digestive system of the youth is getting affected by the consumption of fast food, the older age gives rise to this problem.

Due to routine, neither food is available on time nor sleep. In such a situation, it is natural for the digestive system to be weak. A weak digestive system leads to acidity, gas, indigestion, and constipation. To get relief from these problems, a large number of people use different types of medicines. Consumption of medicines gives immediate relief in problems related to digestion, but they have many side effects because these medicines cause many other diseases. Work pressure in people and the pressure of not being able to complete their goals and work on time, as well as working in night shifts causes anxiety due to lack of sleep, which affects the digestive system and gives birth to stomach-related problems. Working for long hours on the computer, laptop, mobile, internet media, and mobile games also causes stress, which spoils the digestive system.

Due to this, there is a side effect on the digestive power, which is not good for the health of the digestive system. Junk food, spicy food, excessive use of caffeine, tea, coffee, and cold drinks have affected the digestive system of the youth.
Lack of exercise, not doing yoga and walking are also affecting the digestive system of women and youth. The stress prevailing in the cycle of fast-paced life and extreme ambition has badly affected the digestive system. Due to this, there is a problem of indigestion or acidity in the beginning and in the future, it can cause major digestive problems.

All these have a direct effect on health and cause the weakening of immunity. In today’s environment, the complaints of dysentery, colitis, etc. due to preserved food, and with this, problems in the form of the liver, gastro, diabetes-related diseases are the result of the impaired digestive system. Toxins and free radicals formed in the body due to irregular eating also cause stomach-related diseases. The deteriorating weather cycles also cause our body’s actions to be affected and their direct effect falls on the digestive system. Pollution somewhere in our diet creates inequality and mental stress.

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