Govinda is making songs for his YouTube channel

Artists are no longer limited to acting. He also wants to bring his other talents to the audience. If we talk about Govinda, the actor of films like Hero Number One and Coolie Number One, he has brought his inner singer in front of everyone through his YouTube channel. His fans are aware of Govinda’s singing, but he has not sung for a long time. Now he has brought many of his music videos on his YouTube channel.

Today (December 21) on the occasion of his birthday, Govinda says that earlier I sang songs in my films, which were hits. He sang as an amateur, then thought of creating a platform where there would be songs like mine. My 15 songs will come one after the other. Explaining the secret of his energy at the age of 58, Govinda further said that in fact, we all ourselves bind ourselves to the age limit. One can always remain energetic by adopting yoga, exercise, and many other things.

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