Watch buffalo reaction after leopard killed its calf and took it to a tree in viral video

Today we have brought such a heart-touching video for you, which anyone will get emotional after watching. This video is of Buffalo, Calf, and Leopard, in which Leopard attacks Calf to hunt it and also succeeds in hunting. After hunting, Leopard climbs the calf on the tree and catches the calf in its clutches so that it can not fall from the tree after getting out of his grip, but what happens after that is a very emotional scene. Calf’s mother comes and stands under the tree and looks towards the tree to see if her child comes out of the clutches of Leopard and comes down from the tree, but by then Leopard would have killed Calf.

Buffalo stands under the tree and tries to attack the leopard a couple of times, but due to its height, she cannot reach the leopard. This video going viral has been shared on the ‘gliding_frog’ account on Instagram and while sharing the video its caption reads “A massive male leopard in the tree holding onto his kill which was a buffalo calf. The mother continuously circled The tree and the leopard kept his paw on his kill not to let it fall down. The leopard jumped out of the tree about an hour later and got away from the buffalo. He returned later that afternoon and took the kill out of the tree and ate in peace on the other side of the road. This video has got 5,680 likes so far and Instagram users are commenting very emotionally after watching this video. One user wrote, “My heart is broken this seen.”

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