How to generate BGMI Sensitivity code?

Battlegrounds Mobile India has millions of fan following and the sensitivity settings play a very important role in the game. Recently game developers have launched a sensitivity settings code feature for the players and by using which players can make their game more entertaining by copying the sensitivity settings of their favorite players. Many BGMI players do not have much knowledge about using the sensitivity settings. Today we will give you a complete guide about the sensitivity code and sensitivity code of BGMI top players like Jonathan and Mortal in this article.

What is BGMI Sensitivity Code?

First of all, the players need to know what is the sensitivity code, then let us tell you that Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) players have to generate the sensitivity code to use the same sensitivity settings anywhere and can also copy the sensitivity code of their favorite players. 

Steps Then Generate BGMI Sensitivity Code

1) First of all launch the game application on your device.

2) Click on the Settings option.

3) Select the “Sensitivity” option & click on the ‘Upload to Cloud‘ option.

4) After this you have to confirm that you want to upload your sensitivity settings to the cloud.

5) Click on the OK button.

6) Under After you will have to tap on the ‘Layout Management’ option located next to the Upload to the Cloud option.

7) Click on the share option to generate a sensitivity code.

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