How to get lean: Trainer offers some tips

Did your New Year’s resolution involve getting back into shape or simply getting into better shape? You are not alone. This seems to be the promise that many vow to uphold directly after the ball drops in Times Square as the clock strikes midnight.

Yet, for most, this pledge doesn’t last and those workout regimens become afterthoughts.

Here are some tips to help you stick to your fitness goals this year from Lori Whelan, personal trainer at Fit Energy at 1603 Route 9:

1. Set realistic goals.

“If you’re a beginner or even you just haven’t been habitually working out, it’s best to build up your cardio endurance,” Whelan said. “One of the most common mistakes people make is that they push too hard and then get burned out. You have to get used to exercise and getting into the habit again”

2. Get in that cardiovasuclar conditioning.

“Whether it’s walking, running indoors or outdoors you need to do some cardio,” Whelan said. “You should be doing cardio five days a week even if it’s just for 20 minutes a day.”

3. Don’t be a mindless eater.

Are you guilty of ping into a bag of chips? “Try to eat less processed foods and more whole grains, fruits and lean protein,” Whelan said. “It’s really important to keep track of it and the best way to do that is journaling. A lot of my clients use the app Lose It! You need to be conscious of what you’re eating; too many people eat mindlessly. You have to be aware of what you’re putting into your body.”

4. Incorporate strength training.

“This is so huge because building muscle increases your metabolism,” Whelan said. “A lot of people start running and they forget that they need to keep the tone in their muscles and that’s really what changes their body overall. You can start loosing fat but you’ll still be loose until you’re strength training two to three days a week.”

5. Maintain a positive attitude.

“Never give up; if you see that scale isn’t dropping, don’t go by just that one number,” Whelan said. “Go by how you feel, there are a lot of other factors that play into it.”

Not feeling ready for the gym quite yet? Here are some exercises Whelan suggests you can do at home:

Bicycle crunches: “This is a basic side-to-side motion for your abs,” Whelan said. “It’s really easy.”

Lunges: “It’s important to maintain proper form with these,” Whelan said. “If you have access to the Internet, you’ll be able to find lots of instructional videos.”

Push-ups: “Don’t worry if you’re having trouble with push ups,” Whelan said. “These can be modified on knees if you can’t quite do a regular one just yet.”

Squats: “Getting up and down you always need that motion of squatting,” Whelan said. “You can do it without ay weights standing and sitting in a chair or on a balance ball.”

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