How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

Switching from Android phone to iPhone can be a daunting experience for many users, as it is a completely different ecosystem. However, there are some methods, with the help of which you can transfer Android contacts to iPhone. Android users can transfer contacts by following some methods.

Transfer with Move to iOS App

  • Android users can transfer contacts with ‘Move to Madad’ developed by Apple. For this download the Move to iOS app from the Google Play Store. After opening the app, tap on Continue.
  • Here you have to tap on the Agree button to accept the term and conditions. You will be asked for permission for location, contacts’ calendar, storage, and SMS.
  • After giving permission, go to the ‘Find Your Code’ screen and tap on Continue. You will then be asked to enter a code.
  • During the setup process on your iPhone, an option to move data from Android will appear. Tap on it.
  • You will get a 10 digit or 6 digit code. Enter this code on your Android phone. Now Transfer Data screen will appear. Here you can select the content that you want to transfer. Now select the contact with the data you want to transfer and tap on Next.
  • After this, until the data transfer is done, both the devices are ideally in leave condition. After data transfer, tap on Done on Android phone.

Transfer from google account

  • For this, make sure that the contact is synced with your Google account. For this, go to the settings of the Android phone. Scroll to Accounts, here tap on Google Account.
  • Now tap on Account sync or click on the three-dot menu to sync everything.
  • Now go to the settings of the iPhone. Tap Mail and then tap Accounts. Then tap on Add account and use the same Google account that you used on your Android phone. Also, make sure that the contact is toggled on. Now the contacts will be visible on the iPhone.

Transfer via VCF File –

Go to the Contacts app on your Android phone. Now the gear icon or menu with three dots. Click on Import / Select. Here you should see two options. Tap on Export to VCF file. This will create a VCF file of the contacts in the phone’s storage. Download this file to iPhone by mail. Now open the VCF file. You will see the option of Add All Contact here. You have to tap on it. Your contacts will be visible on the iPhone.

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