Madhurima Tuli: I am Single but not ready to mingle

Many times, even after the breakup of love relations, people around remind him. This happens often with stars. After breaking the relationship with someone, the fans start asking him questions, are you single now, are you looking for someone else? What are the wedding plans? Such questions are often asked during the live chat with Madhurima, the actress of the film Baby and Naam Shabana. When Madhurima joined Live on Saturday, a user asked her are you single? To this Madhurima laughed and said, ‘I am absolutely single and not ready to mingle with anyone. There is joy in being single.

Right now no one is needed to keep oneself happy. I like to give time to myself. During this live chat, a user said that Madhurima’s face is similar to Madhuri Dixit. Madhurima became very happy after reading this. She said Madhuri is my idol. Do I really look like Madhuri? This is a compliment for me. Madhurima also talked about her favorite things. She said I have always been interested in sports. During my school and college days, I participated in many sports including the 100-200 meter race and long jump.

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