I separated myself from the world for the film Breathe 3: Amit Sadh

There are some characters whose preparation is different from other characters. For actor Amit Sadh, that character has been from the web series Breath. Amit, who plays Senior Inspector Kambir Sawant in the show, will now be seen in Breathe 3. On returning to the character after four years, he says, “Breathe 3 has been shot. The director and writer of the film have done a lot of work on my character Kabir. I have penetrated a lot into that character. 

For four years I have been in that character. I love the character of Kabir. I worked hard on that too. Kabir’s character is a superhero in his own right. He’s good, he’s bad. That character exhausts me. separates from the world. , When I was working on Breathe 3, I cut myself off from the world. He will also have the advantage when the show comes. I would not call this processing method acting, but subordination. I believe in submission. It was not part of my nature earlier, I have developed it in myself. Now I give my one thousand percent to my characters. The show may release by the end of this year.

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