I understand the importance of hard earn money: Geeta Basra

Festivals not only bring the family closer but also provide an opportunity for shopping. Actress Geeta Basra, who became a mother for the second time this year, will also do shopping on the occasion of Dhanteras. In a conversation, she says that I grew up in London. Since childhood, I have been watching my family that how much importance they give to festivals. But when I came to India, the festive vibe was very different here. The zeal and gaiety with which the festival is celebrated here is hardly celebrated in any other country. Diwali has been my favorite festival.

Festivals are the only moments that bring happiness to our life. Due to this, there is a little stir in the house. The shopping begins. Relatives plan a get-together and celebrate it together. There is a tradition of buying something on Dhanteras. I had understood the importance of money long back in my life. I would also like to explain the importance of money along with values ​​and values ​​to my children. Everyone should have the quality to earn money and spend it wisely. I also got used to online shopping during the lockdown. But I always enjoy going to the store and shopping.

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