I will do only two or three films in a year: Emraan Hashmi

Sometimes stars are tied in different types of tags because of doing similar films continuously. Actor Emraan Hashmi of films like Jannat, Azhar has also walked out of the tag of an actor doing serial kisser and Horror films. He says that now he does not want any tag for himself. He is now doing a lot of work, whether in the field of acting or in the field of film production, Imran wanted to make Captain Nawab film under his banner. But that film could not be made due to some reasons. In a conversation Imran says, As a producer, I want to tell you that the film Captain Nawab will not be made now. But it is not that I am not working on another film.

There are some interesting scripts, which I am busy with. I am in no hurry. Now I am acting along with producing films, so I will do only two or three films in a year. Those days are gone when I used to sign five to six films together. Now that’s not even possible. I don’t even miss the tag of serial kisser at all. My effort is now that I do not get tied in any tag. For yourself. I do not want any other tag that this actor does such kind of work. I want to do good films. If the tag is taken, then it will be challenging to get out of it.

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