Important tips players should avoid to get their accounts banned in PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite is a battle royale game that is played globally, although some countries have permanently banned PUBG Mobile Lite due to internal issues. PUBG Mobile Lite game can be played easily and seamlessly on devices up to 2 GB of RAM but they must have a strong wifi or data connection. The developers of the game are always bringing new features with new features in the game and players are very excited about these updates.

The number of hackers in PUBG Mobile Lite is increasing day by day and the official team is suspending a million accounts permanently but many such players would not have used the hack in the game but still, they are banned. The main reason is the ban of the account is a hack, but apart from this, many other reasons can lead to a permanent ban on the account of the players, about which a blog post has been shared on the official website of PUBG Mobile Lite. Today we will tell you about some such reasons so that you do not do any of these that your account will be suspended.

  • Use any cheating tools in the game

As we told you that if players use any cheating tool to win the game, then their account will be banned permanently. So players should not use cheating tools in the game.

  • Using plug-ins and auxiliary programs

If players use any third-party applications to buy premium items or in-game currency available in the game, remember that doing so is strictly against the game’s policy.

  • Any changes to client file data illegally

Players should avoid tampering with client file data, doing so can result in a permanent account ban and if players are playing multiple games with players who have used the hack, their account will also be permanently suspended.

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