Increase RAM of any Android phone in one click and boost the performance

With the advancement of technology, many new apps are coming into the market which makes the work easy. Java and Symbian mobiles weren’t that smart in the old days but since the Android platform has come, it has made the phone smart. Nowadays, a lot of apps have come into the market and it is becoming difficult to handle the load of the apps on low memory devices.

Generally, there is a problem of memory in low-budget devices and everyone in India prefers to buy cheap phones, due to which users are not able to run more apps simultaneously. There are many such apps on the Google Play Store that boost the performance of the android phone.

Although there are many ways to increase the performance of the phone, in this way, you can make your phone faster by increasing the RAM of your android mobile. It will not cost you anything, just install some apps available on the play store. With the help of these apps, you can extend the RAM of your android phone. But it has some limits. RAM extension depends on the internal memory (in case of rooted devices) of your phone that’s how much RAM you can increase with these apps. Given below are some apps, with the help of which you can increase the RAM of android phones and run heavy apps and games smoothly.

List of Apps to Increase RAM of Android Phone

  • RAM Booster(Memory Cleaner) – For non-root devices [Download]
  • RAM Expander (RAM Extender) For rooted devices [Download]
  • Smart Booster (Memory Cleaner) – For non-root devices [Download]
  • Norton Clean (Memory Cleaner) – For non-root devices [Download]

Other Ways to Maximize Phone RAM

You can manually remove unwanted apps that take up so much space and stop some background apps to make your smartphone battery last longer. Go to Settings, then click on Apps and see the list of apps you want to remove that are currently installed and running on the device.

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