It is important to tell history to the new generation: Ajay Devgn

Actor Ajay Devgn, who has acted in several patriotic-based films like Legend of Bhagat Singh, LOC: Kargil 2, has a way of showing patriotism by being a part of these films which present the culture, pride, and history of the country to the audience. In a conversation, Ajay says that whenever I wear a uniform whether it is the army or the police, there is pride in it. Such stories, in which there is talk of sacrifice for the country, are rarely read in books. We had also made a Tanhaji film. There was only half a page in the school about him at the time.

If the new generation is not exposed to the history of the country, then they will not pay attention to it. History has always been suppressed. In today’s books, more than one’s own history, the history of foreign countries is talked about. Today’s generation is not very familiar with the history and the heroes who fought for the freedom of the country. Our generation does not even know that after how much hard work and sacrifice, the country has got freedom and the country is again standing on its feet. When today’s generation will come to know that freedom has come after so many sacrifices, they will retain it, which will bring a lot of change.

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